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At DFC tank pressure vessels manufacturer co., Ltd, we have earned a great reputation for expertized service, on-time delivery, moderate price, responsive staff.

DFC tank pressure vessel manufacturer co.,Ltd is a
comprehensive pressure vessel manufacturer that offers a series
products to all kinds of line. You will find our services in the
industry of chemical, petrochemical,power generation, foodservice,
pharmaceutical, refining, beveraging,water treatment,
environmental protection, iron and steel and oil, gas and so on.
It is established in 1984 and have strong experiences which allow
its business scope covers fermentation tanks, water filter, oil
and gas separators, air cooler, heat exchanger, air storage
tank,large storage tank, liquid steel storage tank, fuel
filter,surge tank, conveying tank, high pressure vessels and so
We have the capacity to fabricate different materials and wide
range dimensions pressure vessels. As the full use of the advanced
and economical pressure vessels manufacturing technicals,we save
the labor and improve the productivity. Thus the price we charge
on pressure vessels is very competitive. Good price doesn`t mean the sacrifice of the quality. Till now we still have a lot of clients
who are from all over the world trust our products and place us
repeat orders.
If you choose a manufacturer,please use DFC,becauseit owns
professional administration,scientific engineering design, advanced
production, strict quality control, on time delivery, good after
sales service. More information please visit

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