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Green tea, a friend in need is a friend indeed. A cup of healthy green tea is indeed a powerhouse of bioactive phytochemicals which are responsible for helping us to live and healthily lead our life. It's a powerful tasty tool and a major supplement of health benefits that do not redirect to flattery side-effects.

Benefits of green teas

Hey, you!  You… wanna start your healthy lifestyle, want a lead that aids it, and helps be consistent and considered to make up your brain and body?

And you have a habit of drinking hot cups of tea before you start something?

 Now you wanna find some healthiest beverage to kick start this healthy journey? 


Are you perplexed with all the thoughts storming in your brain to choose what to have? Or how to begin? or what to do? Etc., Etc.,


Lol… don't worry. That's great! Knowing is important before you pick something. You wanna start some research, we will help you with that


Above said healthiest beverage - It's GREEN TEA!


"As your list of questions never end, the list of healthy green teas and green benefits will also never end"


So to clear off all the clusters here is a literally Lil glimpse of green tea benefits.


Green tea benefits in skin toning and shows anti-aging effects as well.

The bioactive compounds like polyphenols or Catechins help in molding your life and appearance.


EGCG is a Catechin that acts significantly to protect the skin. The antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants enhance the charm of the skin with the help of caffeine and tannins by reducing puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. They increase skin elasticity, fight against skin irritation and itching, reduce acne, give skin even tone and texture.


The minerals and vitamins present in green tea benefit the skin by hydrating it which roughness and dryness of the skin become normal and touchy smooth.


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