New outlet! Litemobile Jcube Exclusive!

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Shop now at LITE Mobile at JCube Looking to buy some high-quality phones, accessories, gadgets, and more? Why don’t you come over to LITE Mobile Exclusive, JCube Mall’s new mobile phone outlet store! LITE Mobile Exclusive is your one-stop- shop at everything smartphone-related! The store offers a wide selection of phones from brands like Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, Asus ROG, and more at such affordable prices. Not only that, but the store also sells a variety of smartphone accessories and gadgets to their valued customers. Some of the products that LITE Mobile sells are as follows: • Phone Screen Protectors • Smart Watches • Smartphone cases and covers • LED Projectors • Tablets • And many more! The store also offers high-quality repairs for your smartphones and gadgets for their customers’ convenience. LITE Mobile’s top-notch repairmen offer the following services to its customers at affordable rates to make their broken phones good as new: • Smartphone Motherboard Repair • LCD Screen and Battery Replacement • Smartphone Camera Lens Replacement • Smartphone Unlock

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